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Norcar's rugged 4-Wheel and 4-Track Miniloaders ... delivering more grip with less grapple!


Our Miniloaders are available with an optional Rear Telescopic Loader/Excavator Arm and a wide selection of tailor-made Norcar Attachments and Accessories; designed-engineered for virtually all kinds of requirement in the building, construction, quarrying, farming and eco-industries. Dedicated front and rear hydraulic power-feed attachments are another important feature.


Around the world, Norcar machines are acknowledged by engineers and operators as the most rugged and versatile of their type. They are designed, precision-engineered in high integrity steel and manufactured to a higher specification than other comparable alternatives; all of which results in a longer working life.


Our renowned range of compact wheeled Miniloaders is now extended, with the debut of the unique new-generation Rubber 4-Track variant. It's the perfect solution for difficult surfaces that are eco-sensitive or unstable, such as native soil-based substrates including sand, shingle, clay, and water-logged wetland environments.


Watch the incredible 4-Track in action below.



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Design-engineered in Finland for durability in the toughest of environments, Norcar high-specification multifunctional Miniloaders are recognised as world leaders in their class.


The renowned wheeled range and versatile compact track loaders, plus a huge selection of custom-designed interchangeable attachments, cover a multitude of applications for virtually all kinds of jobs and types of environment in the construction, forestry, farming, equestrian, industrial, building, landscaping and renewable-energies market sectors. Norcar machines are design-compatible with the majority of other makes of attachments available worldwide.


Norcar Miniloaders have the driver's seat located at the rear, similar to larger front loaders, which makes them flexible and able to move in confined spaces without having to worry about protruding parts colliding with surrounding obstacles. It's the right place to be, to feel and control the loader's movements, creating a confident and controlled driving experience.